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In Memoriam

Members who are no longer with us, but who live on through the contributions they made to the association and to literary translation.

Nora Alleyn – 1933-2011

Nora Alleyn grew up in a bicultural family in Québec City. Following a B.A. in languages (McGill University), she joined the Department of External Affairs and lived in Europe and [...]

Carol Barko – 1932-2013

Inspired by the vitality and uniqueness of Quebec literature, Carol Barko emigrated to Canada/Quebec in 1992, hoping to translate Quebec novelists. Instead, she found the Women's Studio at the National [...]

Barbara Godard – 1942-2010

Born in Toronto, Barbara Godard studied English, Canadian and Quebec literature and comparative literature at the universities of Toronto, Montréal, and Bordeaux. She began translating articles in the social and [...]

Antonino Mazza – 1947-2017

Antonino Mazza, poet, recording artist, translator, and editor, was born in Calabria, Italy, and came to Canada in 1961. He studied at Carleton University, La Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa, [...]