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Members who are no longer with us, but who live on through the contributions they made to the association and to literary translation.

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Nora Alleyn


Nora Alleyn

Nora Alleyn grew up in a bicultural family in Québec City. Following a B.A. in languages (McGill University), she joined the Department of External Affairs and lived in Europe and the Middle East. She studied translation at Laval, McGill and the Université de Montréal, and creative writing at the National University of Ireland (Galway), Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference (U. of Vermont), Summer Film Institute (Massachussetts), West Word (U.B.C.) After a year translating at the Québec National Assembly, she spent the next twenty at the National Film Board working as a staff writer and translator. She versioned French-language films into English and directed two documentaries: Mary Bell (1976) and Fragments of a Conversation on Language (1990). Her poetry appeared in Edmund Alleyn: Indigo sur tous les tons (les editions du passage, Montréal, 277 p., 2005)

Ms. Alleyn’s obituary from the Montreal Gazette.