RAPPEL: Parole-Création presents a Translam in partnership with the Literary Translator’s Association of Canada

RAPPEL: Parole-Création (Regroupement des auteurs professionnels, publics et émergents lavallois) invites you to discover the process behind literary translation during a trilingual Translam (French, English and Portugese) featuring three guest authors ( Maxianne Berger, Brian Campbell and Claire Varin) and presented by Nancy R Lange.

Each of the three guest authors have submitted a text that has been translated by at least one other author. During the event, they present their translations on stage to an audience eager for particulars about the nuances specific to French, English and Portugese. The spectator’s perceptions and the differing versions are discussed, after which members of the public are invited onstage to give their interpretation of the three guest authors’ texts. Nothing better than a Translam for putting translation front and centre!

Attending a Translam is like watching the translation process from the inside out! Click here to view the authors’ texts and bios. Please send us your translations and we will present them during the event. Where possible, send us your translations before March 22 so we can prepare a PowerPoint presentation.

The Translam will take place on March 28 2017 between 5PM and 7PM at Dépanneur café, 206 Bernard West, Montreal.

Send your translations and confirm attendance by contacting: rappelparolecreation@hotmail.com

Click here to view the translations presented during the event (English, French, Creole, German, Romanian and Portuguese).

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