Agnès André

Agnès André

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City : Veynes
Province : PACA
Country : France

Membership category : Full member

Education / Training

- Master in Comparative Literature (Grenoble, France/Sydney, Australia)
- Master in Translation and Terminology (Québec, Canada)

Awards & Distinctions

- Second place, Winnipeg "Femmes-Actions" Literature Competition, 2014.


    English -> French

Literary Types

  • Non fiction
  • Children's / YA Literature
  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Dubbing or Subtitling

Selected Bibliography

  • Ellen Meloy, C'est d'ici qu'on observe les villes croître à en perdre la raison, Toulouse, éditions blast, 2021 // Ellen Meloy, Seasons: Desert's sketches, Utah, Torrey House Press, 2019

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