Aimee Wall

Aimee Wall

City : Montréal
Province : QC
Country : Canada

Membership category : Full member


    French -> English

Literary Types

  • Non fiction
  • Fiction

Selected Bibliography

  • Vickie Gendreau, Testament. Toronto: BookThug, 2016 (Testament. Montréal: Le Quartanier, 2012)
  • Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard, Sports and Pastimes. Toronto: BookThug, 2017 (Sports et divertissements. Montréal: Les Éditions de Ta Mère, 2014)
  • Vickie Gendreau, Drama Queens. Toronto: Book*hug, 2019 (Drama Queens. Montréal: Le Quartanier, 2014)
  • Maude Veilleux, Prague. Québec: QC Fiction, 2019. (Prague. Montréal: Hamac, 2016)

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