LTAC Funding Program

Planning to organize a reading, a book launch, or a panel discussion? Apply to LTAC for financial support!

Eligible applicants are full members of the association who are in good standing. Click here to become a member.

Program Proposal Forms must be submitted at least a month in advance of the projected program date.

Successful applicants must provide an Event Report Form, which is to be completed and returned to LTAC after the event, along with the relevant documentation (receipts, invoices, copies of boarding passes, etc).

Members may request funding for remuneration of event participants, such as, for example, readers, panel participants, or moderators. Event organizers are also entitled to payment. Click here to see our event sponsorship rates.

Financial support is limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis. LTAC does not guarantee that applications received in due time will receive funding.

Recipients of LTAC funding must acknowledge support by including the appropriate logos on all promotional materials.