How to become a member

To become a full LTAC member, applicants must have published at least one book-length literary translation (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, short stories, biography, drama) with an established house (self-published works are not eligible). A corpus of short translations appearing in books or journals and equaling a book in length will also be accepted.

Students must provide proof of enrolment in a relevant program (translation, creative writing, linguistics, literature, etc.) at an educational institution.

The associate member category is open to anyone interested in literary translation. There is no requirement for joining LTAC as an associate.

Individuals applying for full membership or student membership must fill out the appropriate sections of the application form below and forward the requested documents (by mail or by email to Once your application has been approved, we will ask you to send a cheque for your dues. Upon receipt of payment, we will provide full members with an access code enabling them to list their profiles in the online directory. Members are responsible for updating this information.

Individuals applying for associate membership are asked to send a cheque for their dues with their application form since they are automatically eligible to join.

LTAC membership is valid from May 1 to April 30 of each year. Annual dues are as follows: full member, $140; associate member, $70; and student member, $25. Note that new members who join the association during the year, i.e., after November 1, are entitled to a 50% discount ($70, $35 and $12.50 respectively). You can pay for your membership by sending an e-transfer to the following email address: If paying by e-transfer is not an option, you can send a cheque to this address: LTAC 1455 Boul. De Maisonneuve O. LB-601, Montreal, QC. H3G 1M8.