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“Writers create national literatures and translators create a universal literature. Without translators, we writers would be nothing, condemned as we would be to living within the confines of our own language. We are all translated and we are all translators.”

José Saramago quoted in La Nación (Buenos Aires) on May 2, 2003

Contest open until July 5th

The Literary Translator’s Association of Canada is delighted to announce that the 35th annual John Glassco Prize for Literary Translation is now open for submissions! Click here for more details.


June 2019

Katia Grubisic interviewed author David Clerson about the connection between his novel Brothers and the 2012 student protests in [...]

Celebrating Translation: An Evening on/of Literary Translation

Concordia University's International Graduate Summer School in Translation Studies Translating Each Other/Translating the Other and The Literary Translators’ Association of [...]

Successful First Week at the Maison de la Littérature Translation Residency

Julia Jones and Maude Deschênes-Pradet check in from the Maison de la littérature in beautiful Québec City to catch [...]

Smooth take-off for the Maison de la littérature inaugural translation residency

Translator Julia Jones and novelist Maude Deschênes-Pradet sit down to introduce the translation project on which they will be [...]

Philip Stratford dinner: A literary and culinary spread

On Friday, May 10th, Phyllis Aronoff and Howard Scott hosted the first Philip Stratford dinner of the year. Some fifteen [...]

May 2019

The University of Innsbruck has published Renée Von Paschen's trilingual selection of her poetry, including several beautiful rhymed translations by [...]

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