Since the LTAC office is located at Concordia University, and access to the campus will be severely restricted until January 2021 at the earliest, we will have to operate remotely until further notice. Therefore, we are unable to receive mail at this time, but are preparing to rent a P.O. Box until we can return to some semblance of normalcy. Our team remains available by email for any information. Wishing you health and safety, the LTAC team.

“Writers create national literatures and translators create a universal literature. Without translators, we writers would be nothing, condemned as we would be to living within the confines of our own language. We are all translated and we are all translators.”

José Saramago quoted in La Nación (Buenos Aires) on May 2, 2003

Are you in a rut, literary or otherwise? Click here to have a look at our freshly updated Toolbox which includes resources and information relating to COVID-19, literary associations and guilds, funding agencies, and more!


July 2020

Saga Egmont of Copenhagen recently digitalized the five Danish books of Agnes Jelhof Jensen (1916-2007) for worldwide distribution.  In [...]

May 2020

Sonya Malaborza's L'accoucheuse de Scots Bay had a virtual launch on May 14. Over 30 spectators were treated to [...]

February 2020

La plus récente traduction de Nicolas Calvé vient de paraître chez Boréal. Jean-Baptiste décapité, ouvrage très original et très [...]

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