Bodil Jelhof Jensen

Bodil Jelhof Jensen

City : Laval
Province : QC

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Translates from Danish and Norwegian to English; winner of the 1995 John Glassco Prize presented by the Literary Translators' Association of Canada for the novel Dilemma written by her mother, Danish-Canadian author Agnes Jelhof Jensen; recipient of a 1996 travel fellowship from the American Literary Translators Association and a translation grant from Heritage Canada for Hallo Canada, autobiographical essays by Agnes Jelhof Jensen. The English translation of Dilemma won the 1996 Canadian Jewish Book Award for Fiction. A lawyer by profession, she is a member of the Quebec, Alberta and Northwest Territories law societies. She edited and was a contributing author to Faces of Change: the Danish Community of Montreal, a 239-page history published in 1997 by the Danish Canadian Society, Montreal, Inc. She initially graduated from the University of Alberta in Edmonton with a B.A. and M.A. in Canadian history. Her master's thesis was published in 1983 under the title Alberta's County of Mountain View: A History. Member of the American Literary Translators Association.


    Danish -> English
    Norwegian -> English

Selected Bibliography

  • JENSEN, Agnes Jelhof, "Hello Canada" (Hallo Canada), Edmonton: Danbooks, 1998
  • JENSEN, Agnes Jelhof, "My Life Has Been Worth Living", (Untitled, Excerpts from various books), The Bridge, Journal of the Danish American Heritage Society, Fall, 1997
  • JENSEN, Agnes Jelhof, "Dilemma" (Dilemma), Ottawa: Oberon Press, 1995

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