Elena Basile

Elena Basile

City : Toronto
Province : ON
Country : Canada

Membership category : Full member


    Italian -> English
    English -> Italian
    French -> Italian

Literary Types

  • Non fiction
  • Poetry
  • Fiction

Selected Bibliography

  • Nicole Brossard *Il deserto malva* Bari, WIP Edizioni, 2010. (Nicole Brossard *Le désert mauve* Montréal, l'Hexagone, 1987.
  • Lorenzo Bernini *Queer Theories: An Introduction. From Mario Mieli to the Anti-Social Turn*, London, Routledge, 2020. Translated in collaboration with Michela Baldo. (Lorenzo Bernini *Le teorie queer: un'introduzione. Milano, Mimesis Edizioni, 2017)
  • "Excerpts from The Song of the Rose and the Angel". Translation of Il canto della rosa e dell’angelo, by Angela Marchionni (Bologna, Beatrix V.T., 2007). Canadian Women’s Studies Journal/Cahiers de la femme, “Women and Cancer”, vol. 28, nos 2-3 (Winter-Spring 2011): 157-162

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