Ray Ellenwood

Ray Ellenwood

Site Web : http://www.rayellenwood.wordpress.com

Téléphone 1 : 416-699-1257

Adresse : 177 Waverley Road
Ville : Toronto
Province : ON
Code Postal : M4L 3T4

Catégorie d’adhérent : Honoraire

Notes Biographiques

Born in Edmonton, 1939.
On the executive of LTAC from 1974 to 1985; President from October, 1979 to May, 1983;
representative of LTAC, at various times, on PLR Commission and Canadian Copyright Institute; on the committee to form the Translation Centre at Banff in 2001.
Has written widely on literature, translation and visual art (see website).
Author of Egregore, A History of the Montreal Automatist Movement (Toronto: Exile Editions, 1992), translated by Jean Antonin Billard as Égrégore, Une histoire du mouvement automatiste de Montréal (Montréal: KÉTOUPA édition et les Éditions du Passage, 2014). Co-editor with Betty Bednarski of Jacques Ferron hors Québec/Jacques Ferron Outside Quebec (Toronto: Éditions du Gref, 2010). Co-author, with Roald Nasgaard, of The Automatiste Revolution: Montreal, 1941-1960 (Vancouver: Douglas & McIntyre, 2009). With Suzanne Mineau, intitiated and edited a collection of stories by Joyce Marshall, translated by various LTAC members, entitled Blood and Bone, En chair et en os (Oakville, ON: Mosaic Press, 1995). Guest editor and translator (in collaboration with Betty Bednarski, Ray Chamberlain and others) for a special number of Brick (No. 16, Fall, 1982) devoted to Jacques Ferron.

Éducation / Formation

B.A. and M.A. in English, University of Alberta
Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, Rutgers
Taught at York University, Toronto, from 1972 to 2005. Currently Emeritus Professor and Senior Scholar

Prix, Bourses & Distinctions

Canada Council Translation Prize (Now Governor General's Award for Translation), 1982, for translation of Claude Gauvreau's Entrailles


    Français -> Anglais

Genres Littéraires

  • Poésie
  • Roman et Nouvelle
  • Théâtre
  • Autre(s) : Essay

Bibliographie Sélective

  • Thérèse Renaud, "The Sands of Dream" (Les sables du rêve), Toronto: Bookthug, 2007
  • Claude Gauvreau, "The Charge of the Expormidable Moose" (La charge de l'orignal épormyable), Toronto: Exile Editions, 1996
  • Gilles Hénault, "Signals for Seers" (Signaux pour les voyants), Toronto: Exile Editions, 1988
  • Paul-Émile Borduas et al., "Total Refusal, the Complete Manifesto of the Montreal Automatists" (Refus global), Toronto: Exile Editions, 1985
  • Jacques Ferron, "The Penniless Redeemer" (Le Ciel de Québec), Toronto: Exile Editions, 1984
  • Jacques Ferron, "The Cart" (La Charrette), Toronto: Exile Editions, 1981
  • Claude Gauvreau, "Entrails" (Entrailles), Toronto: Coach House Press, 1981, republished Exile Editions, 1991
  • Guillaume Charette, "Vanishing Spaces" (L'espace de Louis Goulet), Winnipeg: Éditions Bois-Brûlés, 1980
  • Marie-Claire Blais, "Nights in the Underground" (Les nuits de l'Underground), Toronto: General Publishing, 1979, republished Exile Editions, 2006
  • Jacques Ferron, "Quince Jam" (Les Confitures de coings et autres textes (Papa Boss, La Créance, Appendice aux Confitures de coings)), Toronto: Coach House Press, 1977, republished as "Papa Boss/Quince Jam", Exile Editions, 1992

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