Ray Ellenwood

Ray Ellenwood

Website :

Phone 1 : 416-699-1257

Address : 177 Waverley Road
City : Toronto
Province : ON
Zip Code : M4L 3T4

Membership category : Honorary


    French -> English

Literary Types

  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Theatre
  • Other(s) : Essay

Selected Bibliography

  • Thérèse Renaud, "The Sands of Dream" (Les sables du rêve), Toronto: Bookthug, 2007
  • Claude Gauvreau, "The Charge of the Expormidable Moose" (La charge de l'orignal épormyable), Toronto: Exile Editions, 1996
  • Gilles Hénault, "Signals for Seers" (Signaux pour les voyants), Toronto: Exile Editions, 1988
  • Paul-Émile Borduas et al., "Total Refusal, the Complete Manifesto of the Montreal Automatists" (Refus global), Toronto: Exile Editions, 1985
  • Jacques Ferron, "The Penniless Redeemer" (Le Ciel de Québec), Toronto: Exile Editions, 1984
  • Jacques Ferron, "The Cart" (La Charrette), Toronto: Exile Editions, 1981
  • Claude Gauvreau, "Entrails" (Entrailles), Toronto: Coach House Press, 1981, republished Exile Editions, 1991
  • Guillaume Charette, "Vanishing Spaces" (L'espace de Louis Goulet), Winnipeg: Éditions Bois-Brûlés, 1980
  • Marie-Claire Blais, "Nights in the Underground" (Les nuits de l'Underground), Toronto: General Publishing, 1979, republished Exile Editions, 2006
  • Jacques Ferron, "Quince Jam" (Les Confitures de coings et autres textes (Papa Boss, La Créance, Appendice aux Confitures de coings)), Toronto: Coach House Press, 1977, republished as "Papa Boss/Quince Jam", Exile Editions, 1992

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