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About / Bio

Luba Markovskaia was born in Leningrad in 1988, and has been living in Montreal since the age of five. After completing a PhD in French literature, she launched her freelance career as a translator, working with various publishers and cultural institutions. She was shortlisted for the Governor General's Award for her translation of Joe Ollmann's graphic novel Fictional Father (Père fictif) and received the John-Glassco prize for her French translation of Elena Johnson's poetry collection Field Notes for the Alpine Tundra (Notes de terrain pour la toundra alpine). She was also shortlisted for the Prix du récit Radio-Canada (CBC Non-Fiction Prize) and for the Prix d’excellence de la SODEP, in the Creative Writing category. She sits on the editorial board of Spirale magazine, edits the "Translatables" feature for Arc Poetry Magazine, and serves as a literary translation consultant for Les Éditions du Boréal.

Education / Training

PhD, Département des littératures de langue française, de traduction et de création, McGill University (2016)

Awards & Distinctions

John Glassco Translation Prize, 2021
Governor General's Literary Award for translation 2023 (finalist)


    English -> French
    Russian -> French
    French -> English
    Russian -> English

Literary Types

  • Graphic Novels
  • Non fiction
  • Children's / YA Literature
  • Poetry
  • Fiction

Selected Bibliography

  • Lisa Moore, Comment il faut aimer (novel), Éditions du Boréal, 2024.
  • Gillian Sze, Peler les ramboutans (poetry), Éditions de l'Hexagone, 2022.
  • Joe Ollmann, Père fictif (graphic novel), Éditions de la Pastèque, 2022.
  • Elena Johnson, Notes de terrain pour la toundra alpine (poetry), PUQ, coll. Jardin de givre, 2021.
  • Annick MacAskill, Shadow Blight (poetry; excerpts), Estuaire 189, 2023.
  • Phyllis Webstad, Derrière l'histoire du chandail orange (memoir), Medicine Wheel Publishing, 2022.
  • Kate Zambreno, To Write As If Already Dead (creative non-fiction; excerpt), Spirale, spring 2021.
  • Jean-Louis Cohen, Building a New New World. Amerikanizm in Russian architecture (1861-1991) (monograph), Yale University Press, 2020.
  • Gail Scott, « Dire ce qui n’est pas dit » (non-fiction), Lettres québécoises, fall 2020.
  • Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, « Ni assassinées, ni disparues » (non-fiction), Spirale, winter 2019.

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