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Renée Von Paschen

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City : Vienna

Country : Austria

Affiliations : PEN America Writers Association, IG Übersetzerinnen (Austrian Literary Translators Association),

Membership category : Full member


  • German -> English
  • French -> English
  • English -> German

Literary Types

  • Non fiction
  • Children's / YA Literature
  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Dubbing or Subtitling
  • Theatre
  • Other(s): Scholarly Articles, University Textbooks,

About / Bio

Canadian Citizen. Professional literary translator, bilingual poet and scholar. Adjunct Professor of Theater Studies at Webster University; Lecturer in Theater Studies and Literary Translation at the University of Vienna/Austria. Postdoc fellowship at the Center for Austrian Studies, University of Minnesota in 2013. M.A. in Gender Studies; PhD in Theater, Film and Media Studies (University of Vienna). Renée's poetry and literary translations have been published in English, German and French in Canada, United States and Europe, including Austria, England, Germany, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland, etc. She is a member of PEN America Writers' Association, and LTAC Literary Translators' Association of Canada. As a professional literary translator, Renée has translated dozens of wonderful poets from the German and French into English. Renée writes poetry because she translates it, and she translates poetry because she writes it. Renée creates her own original poems in English and/or German, and she also re-creates German and French poets' work. It's a language game either way. A new bilingual book of poetry with Robert Paquin called VICE VERSA is being launched by QUATTRO BOOKS in Toronto in Nov 2017.

Selected Bibliography

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Education / Training

University of Vienna: PhD in Theater, Film & Media Studies
M.A. Women's Studies & International Feminist Research

Awards & Distinctions

Pascal, Daniel: Mazeltov! – A Farce, Thomas Sessler Verlag, Vienna 2009.
** Shortlisted for the Austrian Cultural Foundation Translation Prize 2009

The Vampire Princess – Die Vampirprinzessin: Dir. Klaus Steindl
& Andreas Sulzer; Smithsonian Network, History Channel, ORF, ZDF,
ARTE (Austria / Germany / USA, 2007)
** Won American CINE Golden Eagle Award for Best History Documentary 2008

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