Tatiana Samsonova

Tatiana Samsonova

City : Etobicoke
Province : ON
Country : Canada

Membership category : Full member

About / Bio

Grants from Canadian Council for the Arts:
- for translation of Elena Botchorichvili’s Zhuzhuna Tsvima (Ru->Eng) - 2019
- for translation of Robertson Davies’ ‘The Cornish Trilogy’ (Eng->Ru) - 2011

Awards & Distinctions

Nora Gal Award 2020 for ‘Meneseteung’ by Alice Munro

Nora Gal Award 2013 - Special Award for translation of literature for children for ‘Agatha Parrot and the Floating Head’ by Kjartan Poskitt

Translation Residency, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, BILTC (Banff International Literary Translation Centre), June 2011

Long list of Master award for literary translation (2013) by Masters of Literary Translation Guild for ‘The Children’s Book’ by A.S. Byatt

Long list of Yasnaya Polyana Award in the foreign literature category (2016) for ‘The Children’s Book’ by A.S. Byatt


    English -> Russian
    Russian -> English

Literary Types

  • Non fiction
  • Children's / YA Literature
  • Fiction

Selected Bibliography

  • Atwood, Margaret. Cat's Eye (Маргарет Этвуд. Кошачий глаз) - in progress, to be published by Eksmo (Moscow, Russia)
  • Елена Бочоришвили, Жужуна Цвима (Botchorichvili, Elena. Drizzle) - in progress, to be published by Quattro Books, Canada
  • Davies, Robertson. Murther and Walking Spirits - in progress, to be published by Azbooka (Russia)
  • Delany, Samuel R. The Star Pit and several other short stories from the 'Aye, and Gomorrah…' collection St.Petersburg, Russia: Azbooka Atticus, projected publication 2020
  • Atwood, Margaret. Stone Mattress (Маргарет Этвуд. Каменная подстилка) Moscow, Russia: Eksmo, 2017
  • Munro, Alice. Friend of My Youth (Элис Манро. Друг моей юности) St.Petersburg, Russia: Azbooka Atticus, 2019
  • Munro, Alice. Dear life (Элис Манро. Дороже самой жизни) St.Petersburg, Russia: Azbooka Atticus, 2014
  • Munro, Alice. Who do you think you are? (Элис Манро. Ты кем себя воображаешь?) St.Petersburg, Russia: Azbooka Atticus, 2014
  • Munro, Alice. Open Secret (Элис Манро. Тайна, не скрытая никем) St.Petersburg, Russia: Azbooka Atticus, 2017
  • Tiptree, James, Jr. A Momentary Taste of Being and several other short stories (as part of the collection: Джеймс Типтри-младший. Счастье – это теплый звездолет) St.Petersburg, Russia: Azbooka Atticus, 2018
  • Atwood, Margaret. MaddAddam (Маргарет Этвуд. Беззумный Аддам) Moscow, Russia: Eksmo, 2016
  • Davies, Robertson. The Cornish Trilogy. (Робертсон Дэвис. Корнишская трилогия.) St.Petersburg, Russia: Azbooka Atticus, 2012-2013
  • Byatt, Antonia. The Children’s Book. (А.С.Байетт. Детская книга) Moscow, Russia: Eksmo, 2012
  • Murdoch, Iris. The Philosopher's Pupil. (Айрис Мердок. Ученик философа) Moscow, Russia: Eksmo, 2009
  • Atwood, Margaret. Life before man. (Маргарет Этвуд. Мужчина и женщина в эпоху динозавров) Moscow, Russia: Eksmo, 2005

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