The Literary Translators Association of Canada (LTAC) and the Maison de la littérature have teamed up to offer a two-week translation residency in Quebec City. From February 7th to 20th, 2021, two participants — a translator and their author—will work together at the Maison de la littérature on a translation in progress. They will have access to an apartment at the Maison de la littérature, in the heart of Vieux-Québec. LTAC and the Maison de la littérature will offer a per diem and travel assistance, as well as professional support tailored to the translator’s needs.


  • Candidates must have published at least one book-length translation with an established publishing house or had a translation for the stage produced professionally.
  • The translator or author of the work on which the project is based must be a resident of the province of Quebec.
  • Preference could be given to translators with a signed publishing contract relating to the project.
  • Eligible projects: translations of works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children’s literature, short stories or plays.

How to Apply

Required material

  • Project proposal: A brief description of the work being translated and its author (300 to 400 words);
  • Statement of objectives: What does the translator wish to accomplish with the author during this residency? (300 words);
  • CV: A resume describing the translator’s academic, professional and other relevant experience;
  • Short artist biographies (100 words) for the translator and author;
  • Statement of permission to translate the work;
  • Statement from the author that they wish to participate in the residency;
  • Publishing contract or expression of interest from a publisher or professional theatre company;
  • Short excerpt (5 to 10 pages) of the work being translated, both in its original form and as translated by the candidate.

The deadline for submissions is Monday, November 16, 2020.

Participants will be selected by representatives of LTAC and the Maison de la littérature. The final decision as to the residency’s format will be made based on the health situation as it prevails in February. Should hosting in-person events be considered unwise at that time, the residency may shift to a virtual format.

For questions or to submit your application, please contact us at

Photo credit: Nadia Morin