Deadline extended to March 14th, 2022

It is often assumed that translation is a thankless job. The work of a good translator should be imperceptible, it is generally thought, a premise that presupposes that it is more difficult to be invisible than it is to be visible. After all, to commingle with the text, a translator makes it their own and necessarily sets aside their ego to bring the text to life in a different language, a new universe. Why then is invisibility considered a shortcoming in western culture?

For issue 93, ellipse (est. 1969), the first and best-known literary magazine of its kind, is calling for French and English translations, supported by a short commentary touching on the ways in which the original text and its translation give value or highlight the theme of invisibility. Tell us about your choices, take us on your journey alongside the text as it reveals itself before our eyes. Here is some inspiration:

  • people working in the shadows
  • the unsaid
  • emotions
  • the psyche
  • fragility
  • beauty

It is our hope that this wide-ranging theme will help us meet the challenge of uncovering, revealing, even exposing that which too often remains hidden and obscured. The deadline for submissions is March 14th, 2022.

Excluding the originals, poems must not exceed ten pages. Prose, or other forms of writing should not be more than 2,000 words in length. The commentary should not exceed 500 words. Questions should be addressed to the editors of issue 93, Mélina Lau and Marie-Pier Labbé, at

Your submission, in text format, should not contain any formatting elements other than line breaks and indents. If you would like to integrate visual elements, specific fonts or other design components, please reach out to Catherine Paré at

To be published, translations must be submitted with the original text, as well as written proof that translation rights have been obtained. It is the translators’ responsibility to obtain these rights.

Each submission should also contain short biographies of the author and the translator, to a maximum of 50 words each, and be included in the same Word document. All translations must be submitted to by March 14th, 2022.

ellipse is published online.

We look forward to reading your translations!

ellipse Editorial Board:

Beatriz Hausner (Editor-in-Chief), Benoit Léger, Catherine Paré (Managing Editor), Jason U. Kim, Karl Jirgens, Lida Nostrati, Marie-Pier Labbé, Mélina Lau, Minab Yetbarek, Patricia Aldana, Patricia Godbout, Sophie Marcotte, Susan Ouriou