Translators and literary translators, make your voices heard!

On Saturday, September 21, 2019, LTAC will be hosting the 35th annual John Glassco Gala. This year, we want to hear your voices… in the truest sense of the word! Our project? To create a sound mosaic of the Association’s members!

If any of your literary translations have been published in the last 12 months, we invite you to record a sound extract. Do not panic! We simply ask you to read aloud about 45 to 60 seconds of your published translation. No need to rent the Abbey Road studio… A simple phone recording will suffice!

Through this sonic mosaic, we want to do justice to the work of literary translators… to hear the entanglement of our voices from coast to coast.

Please send your sound files (ideally, in MP3) to Alexander St-Laurent at no later than the evening of Monday 9 September to allow us the time to interweave your voices. Please specify in your email the title, the publishing house and the year of publication of the original work, and of your translation. And don’t forget your name!

Again, do not worry too much about the technical quality of your recording… We are neither actors nor sound engineers. Our goal is simply to establish in a festive and spontaneous way the most representative mosaic of the many voices of literary translation in Canada in 2018-2019 – to celebrate with joy our profession in its sumptuous diversity!

Looking forward to seeing you – and hearing from you – at the John Glassco 2019 Gala!