The Literary Translators’ Association of Canada has had the great privilege, these past years, of strengthening its partnership with its sister associations in the United States and in Mexico, namely the American Literary Translators Association and Asociación Mexicana de Traductores Literarios. Following a series of discussions over the last year or so, the presidents from the three associations, Bilal Hashi, Ellen Elias-Bursać, and Arturo Vázquez Barrón, along with the help of the incomparable Sonya Malaborza, had drafted a tripartite memorandum of understanding, which will they will present at the upcoming 44th Annual ALTA Conference, Inflection Points, in a two-part roundtable discussion entitled “How Might US, Canadian, and Mexican Literary Translation Associations Collaborate?”. The first discussion will take place Saturday October 16 at 10:45am PT, and the second discussion will take place the following day in the same time slot. While the conference proper is taking place in Tucson, Arizona (note the Pacific time of the events), this talk will be part of the virtual conference schedule. More details from the schedule:

The presidents of Ametli of Mexico, LTAC of Canada, and ALTA will brainstorm about ways our three associations can work together to develop this exciting new collaboration. This is an open conversation; we welcome input from ALTA members and conference attendees.

Format: Our three associations are joining forces to create an Americas-wide network linking literary translators, aiming in particular to increase the sharing of resources and knowledge, and promote initiatives and events for the benefit of our members.

Please note that registration is required for attendance.